Social work experience and qualifications
  • The length of time and the various positions the nominee has held in the field of social work.
  • Nominee’s educational credentials and specialized training. (Continued effort to upgrade and maintain knowledge and skills including areas of specialization)
Contribution to the NBASW

Active or past participation in the Association’s business at the chapter, provincial or National level     including attendance at meetings, committee work, serving on Boards, executive committees, etc.

Significant contribution to social work practice
  • Supervision of social work practicums and/or social work training.
  • Development of a particular practice or program.
  • Significant contributions either in practice, research, administration, teaching, supervision of social work or advancement of social policies.
  • Impact the nominee has made in the field of social work, giving specific examples and any other information that may assist the panel in making its recommendation to the NBASW Board.
Promotion of the profession of social work
  • List and description of specific projects, initiatives, events, articles published, etc.
  • Representing social work on the  local, provincial or national scenes
  • Official and public positions in defense of clients and in pursuit of social justice
  • Promoting and contributing to the advancement of social policies on a provincial, national or international level.
Community involvement/social action
  • Key roles in community, demonstrated leadership in voluntary organizations (list committees/groups the nominee was involved in at work and or in the community)


  • Two letters of recommendation.
  • The nominee’s current curriculum vitae or resume.