A number of committees help complete the important regulatory and community work that the NBASW does.

The NBASW Has Three Types of Committees:

Regulatory Committees: Responsible for the activities related to registration, complaints and discipline of membership, mandated by the Provincial Act. These committees are the Committee of Examiners, Complaints Committee and Discipline Committee.
Standing Committees: Permanent committees whose responsibilities and mandate are described in NBASW bylaws.  These committees are the Education Committee, Social Action Committee, Bylaws Committee, Practice Issues, Ethics and Professional Standards Committee and Management Committee.
Ad Hoc Committees: Temporary committees set up by the Board for a limited time to address a particular issue or interest. Current ad hoc committees are the Reopening of the Act Committee, Indigenous Guidance Committee and the Promotion of the Profession Committee.

Committee members are appointed by the Board of Directors. Association members can apply now to be part of a committee. Terms are for two years and can be renewed for a second term. Each committee can have up to six members.

Management Committee

  • Works with the Executive Director to establish budgets and manage finances
  • Reviews NBASW personnel policies
  • Oversees the Executive Director’s role and performance
Committee members:
Claude Savoie, RSW (Board President)
Carole Gallant, RSW
Michelle Nowlan, RSW

Committee of Examiners

  • Examines and approves applications for membership with the NBASW
  • Comprised of six registered social workers appointed by the Board of Directors and one public member appointed by the Minister of Health
Committee members:
Laura Hiscock, RSW (Chairperson)
Danica Doucet, RSW
Annie Guitard, RSW
Geneviève Bourgeois, RSW
Gabrielle Lemieux, RSW

Complaints Committee

  • Investigates complaints of professional misconduct, incompetence and/or a breach of the Code of Ethics
  • Comprised of one member of the NBASW Board of Directors, two other registered social workers appointed by the Board and two alternate registered social workers named by the Board
Committee members:
Michelle Nowlan, RSW (Chairperson)
Omer Savoie, RSW
Carole Poitras, RSW
Clara Tarjan, RSW (Alternate Member)

Discipline Committee

  • Hears and determines allegations of professional misconduct or incompetence against a member
  • Comprised of four registered social workers appointed by the Board of Directors and one public member appointed by the Minister of Health
  • May decide on the consequences if a member has committed an act of professional misconduct or incompetence
Committee members:
Rina Arseneault, RSW (Chairperson)
Claudette Bourgeois, RSW
Genevieve Forest Allard, RSW
Gloria Sacobie, RSW
Mariette Damboise, Public Member

Education Committee

  • Responds to the education needs of the NBASW membership by maintaining the continuing education policy and facilitating and encouraging a culture of ongoing learning
  • Represents the NBASW on the Advisory Committees of the Schools of Social Work in New Brunswick
  • Selects the recipients of a variety of educational bursaries, grants and scholarships awarded by the NBASW in partnership with various sponsors
Committee members:
Anouk McGraw, RSW (Chairperson)
Tanya Smith, RSW
Wendi Nixon, RSW
Ashley Goyette, RSW
Shannon Mallaley, RSW
Susan Gavin, RSW (Board Liaison)

Social Action Committee

  • Assists the NBASW with its efforts to bring about social and economic changes in society
  • Provides coordination and resources to the local chapters’ Social Action Committees
  • Acts as liaison to persons or community groups engaged in social action and social change that adhere to the NBASW Code of Ethics
Committee members:
Debby Stanton, RSW (Chairperson)
Erin Jackson, RSW
Katherine White, RSW
Samantha Martin, RSW
Sarah Enright, RSW
Erica Vienneau, RSW (Board Liaison) 

Bylaws Committee

  • Reviews proposed changes to the bylaws submitted by the membership 
  • Ensures that amendments approved at the annual meeting are incorporated into the bylaws
Committee members:
Anne Caverhill, RSW (Chairperson)
Tanya Smith, RSW
Géraldine Poirier-Baiani, RSW
Eileen Gauthier, RSW
Valerie DeLong, RSW
Sheryl Noble, RSW

Practice Issues, Ethics and Professional Standards Committee

  • Responds to questions from the members relating to ethics and practice.
  • Works on developing new standards and guidelines when they are needed
Committee members:
Sheryl Noble, RSW (Board Liaison)
Debby Stanton, RSW
Mary Ann McLeese, RSW

Indigenous Guidance Committee

Michelle Sacobie RSW (Co-Chairperson)
Theresa Dawn Louis, RSW (Co-Chairperson)
Gloria Sacobie, RSW
Judith Levi, TSI
Glen Caplin, RSW
Samantha Jesso, Student Member


Promotion of the Profession Committee

  • As part of the NBASW Strategic Plan, the Board of Directors has struck a new advisory committee responsible for supporting the NBASW in the promotion of the social work profession. This Committee will focus on the goals of: improving image, better education, and building partnerships.

Rina Arseneault, RSW (Co-Chair)
Théo Saulnier, RSW (Co-Chair)
Karine Levesque, RSW (Board Liaison)
Carmen Godin, RSW
Anne-Drea Allison, RSW


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