The NBASW is governed by a Board of Directors, which is composed of an Executive, representatives from around the Province, a First Nations representative, a public representative and national representative (Canadian Association of Social Workers). Board members hold their position for two years and can be extended for a second term, to a maximum of four years.




President: The President of the NBASW presides over official meetings, and provides leadership in matters of bylaw enforcement and other NBASW priorities.

Current President: Claude Savoie, RSW 


 Vice-President: The Vice-President assists the president wherever necessary and will assume the role of President if, for some reason, the president cannot complete their term.

Current Vice-President: Théo Saulnier, RSW

Secretary: The Secretary of the NBASW records minutes of official meetings and takes care of correspondence and other tasks as needed for the Board.

Current Secretary: Noella MacMillan, RSW

Treasurer: The Treasurer of the NBASW is responsible for overseeing the NBASW’s finances and budget.

Current Treasurer: Michelle Nowlan, RSW

Chapter Directors

Acadian Peninsula: Geneviève Bourgeois, RSW
Chaleur: Luc Poitras, RSW
Charlotte County: Vacant
Edmundston/Grand Falls: Karine Levesque, RSW
Fredericton: Susan Gavin, RSW
Miramichi: Karla Parks-Lissok, RSW
Moncton: Erica Vienneau, RSW
Restigouche: Carole Gallant, RSW
Saint John: Ian Rice, RSW
Sussex: Vacant
Woodstock/Perth-Andover: Vacant

Other Representatives

CASW Director: The CASW Director serves as a liaison between the NBASW and the CASW (Canadian Association of Social Workers) and serves as a director on the national Board.

Current CASW Director:
Vicki Coy, RSW

First Nations Social Work Representative: The First Nations Social Work Representative is appointed by NB’s First Nations communities to sit on the NBASW Board of Directors. The First Nations Representative is responsible for providing a First Nations perspective and voice to the work of the Board. This representative supports the NBASW in ensuring its work, positions and decisions are culturally responsive and inclusive.

Current First Nations Social Work Representative: Shasta Hitchcock, RSW

Public Member: A member of the public is appointed by the Minister of Health to sit on the Board of Directors. The Public Member is responsible for representing the interests of the general public and helping the NBASW carry out its work in a way that is accountable and transparent. As the only member of the Board who is not a social worker, the Public Member provides a crucially important and unique perspective to the Board’s discussions and priorities.

Current Public Member: Karen Erb