Membership Renewal

Renew your membership by March 31, 2025. Membership Renewal Consists of:

  1. Submitting your renewal form; and
  2. Paying your membership dues.

Log In To Renew Your Membership

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Payment Options

Pay Online
You can make your payment for dues here (Association # '7' and if you don't know your membership number just type '12345').

NEW: Pre-Authorized Debit Program – Opt in by August 15, 2024 for next renewal
The Pre-Authorized Debit Program is an optional payment method that provides renewing members the opportunity to pay their upcoming membership dues in six smaller monthly installments, rather than one lump sum.

The program simplifies renewal every year, as the payment is automatically withdrawn from the member’s account September through February, leaving only the renewal form to complete by the March 31 deadline.

To sign up for the Pre-Authorized Debit Program:
1. Familiarize yourself with the Pre-Authorized Debit Program Policy.
2. Complete the authorization form. Note: Joint bank accounts may require both authorized signatures
3. Send the sign-up form to by August 15, 2024.

Pre-Authorized Debit FAQ

When will funds be withdrawn from my account?
The annual withdrawal period is September – February. Withdrawals are made on the last day of each applicable month. In the event of a holiday, funds will be withdrawn on the following business day.

How much will be withdrawn from my account?
The total amount withdrawn in 6 monthly installments September – February will equal the membership dues for the following registration year.


  • Practicing Membership $409.00              Monthly withdrawal Sept- Feb $68.16
  • Non-Practicing Membership $120.00       Monthly withdrawal Sept-Feb $20.00

Any remaining amount owed resulting from rounding or a change in membership dues will be applied to the final February installment.

What if the bank account is a joint account?
Both signatures may be required for the authorization form.

What if my bank account or email changes?
Any requested changes to the bank account used for PAD must be provided by the participant in writing with a void cheque or bank account information sheet attached to the request. Once a member has signed up for the PAD program, PAD will continue to be used as the method of payment for registration fees in future years. Written notice is required to stop PAD.

Changes in your email address can be made by logging in to the renewal system and modifying your current registration form, or by emailing ATTN: PAD

Do I need to opt into the Pre-Authorized Debit Program every year?
No. Once a member has opted into the Pre-Authorized Debit Program, they will remain in the program until the participant opts out, or is removed from the program.

Can I opt out of the Pre-Authorized Debit Program?
Yes. Participants can opt out of the Pre-Authorized Debit Program with a notice of 30 days at any time by notifying the NBASW by email at with the subject line ATTN: PAD.

A participant who withdraws or is removed from the PAD program will receive a refund of all fees collected for the upcoming year, minus any outstanding insufficient fund fees if applicable.

What if my payment does not go through?
Participants are responsible for ensuring sufficient funds are in the account by the monthly withdrawal date.

Participants will be charged a fee for any payments that are rejected for insufficient funds (NSF). The fee owed to the NBASW will be equal to the bank charges incurred as a result of the NSF.

In the event a participant’s PAD payment fails or is rejected by their financial institution:

  • NBASW staff will notify the participant about the failed payment.
  • The participant will be required to submit the missing payment plus the NSF fee within one week after they are notified about the failed payment.
  • Failure to pay the missing payment plus the NSF fee by the deadline may result in the participant being removed from the PAD program.

A member will be deemed ineligible for continued participation in the PAD program if their monthly payment is rejected for insufficient funds a second time in a 12-month period.

If the participant provides proof that the rejected payment was the result of a bank error, the participant is responsible to work with their bank to ensure that the problem is rectified. If the issue is not resolved before the next PAD payment, the participant will be required to provide a letter from the bank explaining the problem in order to stay on the PAD program.

Members who have been removed from the PAD program will not be permitted to participate in the program in the future. Members may appeal this decision to the Executive Director by explaining the situation in writing. The Executive Director will make a decision regarding the member’s eligibility to resume the PAD program on a case-by-case basis, depending on the context of the situation.

What if I renew as a different category of membership?
In the event a PAD program participant later decides to renew at a reduced rate (e.g. renews as a non-practicing member rather than a practicing member), NBASW will reimburse the individual for the overpayment following the renewal deadline (March 31 each year). To renew at an increased rate (e.g. renews as practicing rather than non-practicing) the member must pay any amount owed before the renewal deadline.