The reinstatement process applies to former members of the NBASW who have allowed their membership to lapse for more than one year. The Board of Directors considers and approves applications for reinstatement. The Board holds quarterly meetings, but is able to approve applications between meetings, once all required documents have been received. Applicants applying for reinstatement after 5 years of non-membership may be subject to supervision requirements. Applicants who are approved through the reinstatement process become regular members of the NBASW.

To apply for reinstatement, please submit the following documents:

Letter to the Board of Directors

This letter must indicate

  • the reason you allowed your membership to lapse
  • the reason you wish to be reinstated, and
  • If you had employment during this time, information about what you were doing?

Document #1: Application for Membership Form

The Application for Membership Form must be accompanied by the $60.00 non-refundable registration fee. This can be paid by cheque or cash.

Members wishing to pay using credit card or debit can do so online here. Applicants must fill in their name and the payment amount. The Association number and Registration number remain the same.

Complete form online
Download form

Copy of the applicant’s CV (Resume)

Document #3: References

Please refer to the “Policy Regarding the References”

All applicants must provide two letters of reference. At least one letter of reference must be provided by a social worker.

Please ask the people providing these references to submit them directly to the NBASW.

Download the form here.

Verification of Registration/Licensure/Certification in another jurisdiction

Applicants who have been members of a social work regulatory body and/or association in another province/territory or country, must complete the top portion of this form and then forward it to the jurisdiction in which they were registered. Complete one form for each applicable jurisdiction.

Please ask the other jurisdiction to return the completed form directly to the NBASW office.

Download the form here.

Criminal Record Check

All applicants must provide a criminal record check from an appropriate law enforcement agency. The criminal record check must be an original document and be no more than three months old.  Policy Criminal Record Check

Some law enforcement agencies may require a letter from the NBASW in order to process the criminal record check. Please contact us to request a letter, if necessary.

The criminal record check must be submitted directly to the NBASW by the law enforcement agency. If this is not possible, it must be given to the applicant in a sealed envelope, with the seal initialed by the agency. This envelope must be delivered to the NBASW office unopened.

Proof of Identity

Applicants must provide copies of two pieces of identification that show current and/or former legal names, date of birth and date of change of name. Examples of such documents are: birth or baptismal certificate; marriage certificate; legal change of name document; passport or immigration document; driver’s license; Medicare card. For privacy purposes, the NBASW does not accept copies of Social Insurance cards.

Registration Form

The registration form is typically sent to applicants with the letter informing them that they have been approved for membership. However, if applicants wish to accelerate the process for completing their registration, they may choose to complete this form and return it, with the appropriate dues, to the NBASW. The NBASW will hold the form and payment until the applicant has been approved for membership. Otherwise, this form is to be completed and returned to the NBASW office with appropriate dues after receiving notification of membership approval.

Download Registration Form
Download Code Sheet

Payment of membership dues can be accepted by cheque or cash. Members wishing to pay using credit card or debit can do so online here. Applicants must fill in their name and the payment amount. The Association number and Registration number remain the same.

Apply Online

Reinstatement Application

I hereby apply for Registration as a member of the New Brunswick Association of Social Workers. If accepted for membership, I agree to abide by the Act, the Code of Ethics and By-laws of the Association and as far as may be in my power to promote the objectives of the Association.

Have you ever been a member of a regulatory body(ies) and/or associations(s) of social workers in another province(s)?
When available, I would prefer receiving material written in

Application must be accompanied by Application fee of $60.00 (non refundable). A link to pay by credit or debit will be provided after submitting this form.