New Brunswick Association of Social Workers to begin regulating Social Work Technicians

The New Brunswick Association of Social Workers (NBASW) is pleased to announce that it has obtained new legislation which allows the Association to regulate both the social work profession and social work technician paraprofession! The NBASW Act received royal assent on June 7, 2024 and is now in effect.

Having the NBASW regulate social work technicians is a key component of the five-year Social Work Recruitment and Retention Strategy (2023-2028). It will provide a pathway to the social work profession and will protect the public by providing an accountability mechanism and ensuring high standards of qualification, practice standards, and adherence to a professional Code of Ethics.

Social work technicians are specially trained to support the social work profession and will implement portions of social work case plans that fall within their scope of practice.

“The NBASW welcomes social work technicians to the Association and we look forward to working hand in hand to continue strengthening the profession of social work in New Brunswick” says NBASW Executive Director, Miguel LeBlanc.

With the legislation having received royal assent on June 7, 2024, the NBASW will now begin registering social work technicians. The Social Worker and Social Work Technician Scopes of Practice document outlines the boundaries of each profession and highlights specific tasks that social workers and social work technicians may perform within their specific scope. Anyone interested in better understanding the two professions is encouraged to review the scopes of practice and a brief promotional document highlighting the two scopes of practice.

Social work technicians can now be implemented and hired across organizations. When deciding whether a position should be filled by a social worker or a social work technician, employers must consider the tasks that will be required in the role as well as the intensity and breadth of knowledge, skill, and judgment that will be required. Employers are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the two scopes of practice and to reach out to the NBASW for more information, as needed.

Registration for Graduates from Approved Programs: The NBASW recognizes the New Brunswick Community College’s (NBCC) Social Service Community Worker (SSCW) program and the Collège communautaire du Nouveau-Brunswick’s Technique en service social et communautaire (TSSC) program for social work technician registration. Graduates from these programs are now eligible to apply for social work technician registration. More details can be found on the NBASW website.

12-Month Equivalency Application Period: A 12-month equivalency application period is available to those who are currently working in a position that is considered equivalent to the social work technician scope of practice. The equivalency application period is now open and applications can be submitted until June 7, 2025. More details can be found on the NBASW website.