Godin, Danielle
Registration Number2314
AgencyAccompagnement “Entre-L” Togetherness
Fields of Expertise

Bilingual – Over 30 years of experience in individual, couple, and family counselling. Private practice for 20 years. Federal and provincial government employee assistance programs (EAP).

Godin, Isabelle
Registration Number2782
AgencyServices à la famille de la Péninsule
Fields of Expertise

My field of expertise is work with children and teenagers, adults, and seniors. I also work with Anglophones and people from other cultures.


Depression, anxiety, grief, daily or work stress, self-esteem, assertiveness, parent-child relationships, and relations between couples are just some of the problematic areas in which I work. I am flexible and open to working in other areas.

Godin, Marie-Pierre
Registration Number2393
AgencyMind at Peace Healing
Fields of Expertise

Marie-Pierre Godin has been a social worker since 2006, and earned her master’s degree in social work from Université de Moncton in 2012. Marie-Pierre is currently working in the school system and owns a private practice. She has a lot of experience and provides support and counselling services to children, teenagers, individual adults, and families.

Godin Manuel, Carole
Registration Number1100
AgencyCarole Godin Manuel RSW/TSI
Fields of Expertise

25 years of experience

Individual (adult, teen and children) Counselling and psychotherapy, some couple intervention + on site intervention.

Specialized in psychosynthesis psychotherapy + the concept of will + sub-personality work + cognitive behavioral work.

Eye movement integration therapy for healing trauma including PTS symptoms

Field of expertise:

Trauma, post-traumatic stress, depression, anxiety and panic attacks, emotions such as anger, fear, sadness; divorce or separation, relationship issues, work related issues, medical diagnosis & palliative care, grief and losses, addictions, dreams/nightmares/difficulty sleeping, spiritual issues, visualization and imagery, relaxation & meditation techniques, self-search, personal development and self-healing journey.

Critical Incident Stress Management (individual or on site intervention following critical incident)

Gulliver, Rhona Marie
Registration Number
Haché, Sylvie
Registration Number183
AgencyService de Consultation
Fields of Expertise
  • Individual, marital and family counselling – adults and children
  • Therapy for victims of sexual abuse and their families


Hébert, Hugo
Registration Number2557
Fields of Expertise

Mental health problems: mood disorder (depression, bipolar),  personality disorder, …

Relationship problems : infidelity, burn-out lovers, breaking prevention, conflict, …


Psychotherapy                                            Mediation                                             Support for caregivers


- Couple                                                        - Couple conflict                                  - Mental health

- Family                                                         - Crisis / family conflict                      - Seniors

- Individual                                                   - Conflicts in workplace


Henry-Morse, Tanya
Registration Number
AgencyDepartment of Social Development/ministère du Développement social
Higgins, Jane
Registration Number
Hunter, Tarrington
Registration Number
AgencyTranscendence Counselling & Mediation
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