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Annual Mandatory Training

The mandatory Ethics, Standards and Guidelines Training session can be found HERE.

NBASW Professional Development Fund

The NBASW Professional Development Fund is awarded annually to NBASW members who present a webinar training opportunity for provincial social worker(s) in their area of knowledge, expertise and/or practice. Click here to find out more about the NBASW Professional Development Fund, including how to apply.

Additional Continuing Education Opportunities

The following are organizations that offer ongoing continuing education opportunities. Please click the links below to see what they have to offer.

- Société Santé en français (French link) 
- Conférences Connexion (French Link)
- University of Toronto - Institute for Life Course and Aging
- Canadian Association of Social Workers
- Crisis & Trauma Resource Institute (CTRI)
NADD (National Association for the Dually Diagnosed)
- ACHIEVE Centre for Leadership


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Upcoming Events

  • Not Yours to Distribute! Intimate Images and Consent

    Feb. 8 — 9, 2023

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    This Learning Network Virtual Forum explores non-consensual distribution of intimate images of adults in the Canadian context. An intersectional and sex-positive lens will be used to explore its forms and how it impacts different communities. Barriers to support seeking and trauma-informed responses to support survivors will be discussed.

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  • Unified CBT for Social Anxiety

    Tue, Feb. 14, 2023 1:00pm — 6:00pm

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    This workshop provides an overview of DSM diagnosis, key theories and treatment modalities for social anxiety disorder.

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  • Unified CBT for Generalized Anxiety Disorder

    Tue, Feb. 21, 2023 1:00pm — 6:00pm

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    This course covers the key theories on worrying including intolerance of uncertainty, metacognitive beliefs, experiential avoidance and failures in problem-solving.

    Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) is one of the commonest anxiety disorder and cognitive behavioural therapy is the first-line treatment condition for this condition with several clinical trials supporting the interventions. Clients with generalized anxiety often suffer silently and worrying often affects their relationships. Therapists may find the incessant stream of worrying difficult to manage in sessions. Common techniques used for other anxiety disorders may not be as effective for generalized anxiety.

    A step by step protocol approach will convert the above theories into a practical framework for delivering intervention for GAD in clinical practice. The course is designed to use effective experiential and structured techniques to work towards skills mastery in treating clients with GAD.

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  • Introduction to Cognitive Behavioral Analysis System of Psychotherapy: CBASP

    Fri, Feb. 24, 2023 1:00pm — 4:00pm

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    This workshop will provide an introduction to the theory of and hands-on practice with the major techniques of the Cognitive Behavioral Analysis System of Psychotherapy, an evidenced-based treatment for chronic depression. We will review how CBASP is designed to address interpersonal avoidance and teach coping skills by promoting felt safety with the therapist and an acquisition of “perceived functionality” – that is, the patient’s ability to recognize and begin to change the consequences of their behavior. CBASP is effective in reducing depressive symptoms in chronically depressed individuals, and is more effective than antidepressant monotherapy in chronic depressives with a confirmed history of childhood trauma and early adversity. We will present the CBASP empirical methodology to facilitate and measure exactly what and how much is being learned during the course of therapy.

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  • Understanding the Realities of Gender Diverse Peoples to Strengthen our Care Systems

    Tue, Feb. 28, 2023 2:00pm — 3:30pm

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    A limited amount of services offer adequate and affirming support for gender diverse peoples in Canada. That is a true statement no matter what language you are fluent in. 2Spirit, Non-binary and Trans individuals often end up waiting to access these services or settling for services subjecting them to various forms of discrimination and systemic violence.

    Similar to other minority groups, Francophones in Canada face barriers that are specific and unique to their location, and that often complicate access to appropriate and informed services.

    In this presentation, Zakary-Georges Gagné (she/they) will discuss the role that organizations or institutions offering care or support have in the creation of welcoming and intersectional spaces for gender diverse peoples, with specific attention to French-language spaces.

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  • Unified CBT for Health Anxiety

    Tue, Apr. 4, 2023 1:00pm — 6:00pm

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    This course will review the phenomenology and DSM-5 diagnoses of Health Anxiety. The CBT approach and evidence will be discussed. Attendees will work with a step by step protocol with suitable modifications to address health conditions.

    Health or illness anxiety is often a challenge for therapists and family physicians. They have a significant co-morbidity with mental health disorders and medical conditions. Not managing these conditions can lead to disability and increased cost of healthcare due to frequent presentations, investigations and treatments. Avoiding unwarranted treatments is crucial to improving the clients’ wellbeing.

    Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) is a well-established treatment for health anxiety, but a generic CBT approach may not yield success. Treatment of these conditions requires knowledge of CBT specific to these disorders.

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