Stevens, Harold
Registration Number941
AgencyGentle Path Counselling
RegionSaint John
Fields of Expertise

During the past 20 years I have been developing expertise in the areas of Anxiety, Anger Management, Stress Management and building self- esteem. Additionally I am a Master presenter in ASIST, (applied suicide interventions skills training) I also deliver a 2 day certificate program called Mental Health First Aid

Stone, Holly
Registration Number667
AgencyHolly Stone
RegionSaint John
Theriault-Hervet, Tera
Registration Number
AgencySAGE Inc.
Thompson, Philip
Registration Number1145
AgencyThompson Flewwelling Counselling Services
RegionSt. Stephen
Fields of Expertise

We provide general counselling services to individuals, couples and families.  Specific to couple’s work, our preferred practice is to initially have one-on-one sessions with each partner (female counsellor with female client; male counsellor with male client), then provide co-counselling services to the couple.

Thompson, Philip
Registration Number1145
AgencyThompson Flewwelling Counselling Services
RegionSt. Stephen
Vienneau, Erica
Registration Number2620
AgencyEROS-Emotions Reactions Options Solutions Inc.
Fields of Expertise

I provide clinical therapy sessions for children, teenagers and adults, in an individual, couple or family setting within my private practice. 

I am familiar with many issues, such as:


  • Adolescent and child issues
  • Depression
  • Family dynamics
  • LGBTQ+ Ally
  • Managing emotions, including anger management, stress and anxiety management
  • Parenting strategies
  • Self-esteem
  • Victims of traumatic event or abusive relationships


On our website, my team of helping professionals and I provide online sessions via video-counselling for people over the age of 15 years old. (
Our main purpose is to facilitate access to clinical therapy that meets the needs of the clientele.



Wallace, Andrew
Registration Number1239
AgencyFamily Matters Counseling
Fields of Expertise

Family, marriage, child and individual therapy

Webster, Johanne
Registration Number
Weeks, Murray
Registration Number1721
AgencyAddiction and Mental Health Services/ Services de traitement des dépendances et de santé mentale
Wilkins, Barbara
Registration Number1356
AgencyBarbara Wilkins Counselling and Consulting
Telephone506-367-2439 506-440-9125
Fields of Expertise

I work with individuals and couples for counselling related to separation and divorce, life transition, grief and loss, trauma, crisis intervention.  Have experience working with First Nation communities providing crisis intervention and counselling.


Experience working with Department of Social Development as Litigation Guardian, completing assessments with recommendations, and other related requests.

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