Social Work Month 2024

We are pleased to celebrate National Social Work Month throughout the entire month of March. This year's National Social Work Month theme honours the CASW's new Code of Ethics.
SWM 2024 Theme: Seven Points of Unity: Many Possibilities.

During Social Work Month, we honour and celebrate our shared values—the 7 Points of Unity—that guide us on our individual and collective journeys of truth, reconciliation, equity, and inclusion. Together, as social workers, we weave a tapestry of hope and resilience, striving to create a more just future where all are valued and honoured through ethical, evidence-based, and empowering professional practice. From these 7 Points of Unity, let’s imagine social workers' many possibilities for building a peaceful and compassionate world. Click here for more information on the new Code of Ethics.
CLICK HERE for more information on National Social Work Month.