Level 1 Attachment Interventions

Several social workers were able to attend a high-quality training session in Level 1 Attachment Interventions (biological foundation and developmental impact of attachment theory) on June 13, 14, and 15, 2018, in the Acadian Peninsula.

The training session was made possible by the contributions of several partners in integrated service delivery and a grant of $1,000 from the CASW and NBASW. 

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To strengthen their ability to intervene, more than 40 participants from areas such as child welfare, early childhood development, educational support services, child and youth mental health, and group homes benefitted from the training opportunity provided by trainer and specialist Johanne Lemieux, social worker, psychotherapist, speaker, facilitator, and author.

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The training session enabled professionals to refine their knowledge on attachment theory in a clinical and practical context for immediate use with their clients. It will enable them to assess the seriousness of attachment problems, taking into account the most frequent comorbid disorders. Trained professionals will be able to apply several assessment tools for attachment disorders, taking into account the “chemistry of injury” between children and parents. They will also be able to apply new psychotherapeutic methods to promote healthy attachment between parents and children, overcome a child’s attachment challenges, or help adult clients recognize their attachment style and its effect on their emotional and intellectual functioning.

Funding for this training was provided through the CASW & NBASW Grant