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Richard, Zivi
Registration Number3769
Membership StatusPracticing Member
RegionMoncton and Telehealth in New-Brunswick
Fields of Expertise

Individual counselling, specializing in adults and adolescents who are LGBTQ+ or have other marginalized identities. Issues addressed include anxiety, depression, overwhelming emotions, coping skills, interpersonal relationships, impulsivity, irritability. 

Rickard, Kim
Registration Number536
Fields of Expertise

Geriatric Care Advisor

Specializing in seniors and their caregivers


Robichaud , Mireille
Registration Number2236
Membership StatusPracticing Member
AgencyMireille Robichaud Counselling Services
RegionRichibucto, availabile by phone and video as well
Fields of Expertise

I have experience working with teenagers, and adults. 

Topics include:



childhood trauma



domestic violence

and more

Savoie, Armand
Registration Number1645
AgencyConsultation Savoie
Fields of Expertise
  • Couples therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Addiction therapy
  • Workplace-related incidents
  • Critical incident stress management (debriefing)
Simon, Lorise
Registration Number2000
AgencyJournee Within Counselling
Fields of Expertise
  • Individual and Family Counselling:  Trauma Informed Approach:  Building a Trauma Informed Community-Risking Connections
  • Trauma Bereavement counselling and coping
  • Strategies:  Living day to day life after losing a loved one
  • Wholistic Approach:  Spriritual Self-Discovery, physical- sense of self, mental self-compassion, emotional discovery feelings, interventions and strength based counselling
Sirois, Fernand
Registration Number381
AgencyInstitut de développement et recherche sociale Inc./Social Research and Development Institute Inc.
Fields of Expertise

Psychotherapy, short-term intervention, family therapy, systemic humanistic philosophy

Psychosocial assessment

PTSD, critical incidents

Substance abuse (alcohol, drugs), addiction

EFAP, workplace relations

Marital and family conflict management

Counselling for children, teenagers, and adults

Treatment for victims of crime and aggressors

Mental health – depression, anxiety, stress, etc.


Smith, Brenda M.
Registration Number2176
Membership StatusPathways Consulting
RegionFort McMurray
Fields of Expertise

Individual Support, Counselling & Psychotherapy for:

  • Mood & Depressive Disorders
  • Anxiety, Anxiety Disorders, Panic, Stress
  • Abuse, Trauma, PTSD
  • Sexual Health & Healing
  • Assertiveness, Self-Esteem
  • Mindfulness, Self-Awareness
  • Grief, Loss, Adjustment
  • Relationships, Communication, Boundaries
  • Workplace Issues, Caregiver Strain
  • Professional Burnout, Vicarious Trauma
  • Authorized Provider for Veterans Affairs, Canadian Armed Forces & RCMP
Stairs, Rhonda
Registration Number574
Fields of Expertise
  • I work primarily in the area of trauma and attachment with children, adolescents, and parents.
  • I also offer play therapy to young children
  • I have specialized training in clinical work with foster and adopted families
  • I provide counselling related to anxiety, depression and grief
Steever, Jill
Registration Number2677
Telephone506-450-0710 (phone) 506-450-0700 (fax)
Fields of Expertise

Areas of Expertise

Child, youth, adults, seniors

Sleep therapy

Trauma Therapy

Depression and Anxiety

Learning/School based issues 

Parental Alienation 

Theriault, Tera
Registration Number1769
AgencyTERA Initiatives
Fields of Expertise

Language of service : French and English

Area of Expertise:  Family Therapy, Couple Therapy, Child and Youth counselling, Separation/divorce, Parenting (special needs), trauma and Domestic violence.


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