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Godbout, Nicole
Registration Number552
AgencyNicole Godbout Counselling Services Inc.
Fields of Expertise
  • Family counselling for couples and individuals
  • Counselling for teenagers
  • Covered by most EAP/PAE programs
Godin, Isabelle
Registration Number2782
AgencyServices à la famille de la Péninsule
Fields of Expertise

My field of expertise is work with children and teenagers, adults, and seniors. I also work with Anglophones and people from other cultures.


Depression, anxiety, grief, daily or work stress, self-esteem, assertiveness, parent-child relationships, and relations between couples are just some of the problematic areas in which I work. I am flexible and open to working in other areas.

Godin , Marie-Pierre
Registration Number2393
Membership StatusPracticing
AgencyMind at Peace Centre Mieux-Être
Fields of Expertise

Mind at Peace Center is a multidisciplinary clinic that consists of a variety of professional expertise that serves to focus on the global wellness of the individual. As such, the Center’s mission is to employ an interdisciplinary approach so that all aspects of an individual’s life and personal wellness are supported.
- Counseling
- Psychological Evaluation
- Parenting Capacity evaluation
- Professional Presentation
- Specialized services in Autism
- Acupuncture
- Active Lifestyle Consultant - Kinesiologist
- Dietitian
- Massotherapy
- Psychologist
- Social Worker

Godin Manuel, Carole
Registration Number1100
AgencyCarole Godin Manuel RSW/TSI
Fields of Expertise

30 years of experience

Individual (adult, teen and children) Counselling and psychotherapy, some couple intervention + on site intervention.

Specialized in psychosynthesis psychotherapy + the concept of will + sub-personality work + cognitive behavioral work.

Eye movement integration therapy for healing trauma including PTS symptoms

Field of expertise:

Trauma, post-traumatic stress, depression, anxiety and panic attacks, emotions such as anger, fear, sadness; divorce or separation, relationship issues, work related issues, medical diagnosis & palliative care, grief and losses, addictions, dreams/nightmares/difficulty sleeping, spiritual issues, visualization and imagery, relaxation & meditation techniques, self-search, personal development and self-healing journey.

Critical Incident Stress Management (individual or on site intervention following critical incident)

Hébert, Hugo
Registration Number2557
Fields of Expertise

Mental health problems: mood disorder (depression, bipolar),  personality disorder, …

Relationship problems : infidelity, burn-out lovers, breaking prevention, conflict, …


Psychotherapy                                            Mediation                                             Support for caregivers


- Couple                                                        - Couple conflict                                  - Mental health

- Family                                                         - Crisis / family conflict                      - Seniors

- Individual                                                   - Conflicts in workplace


Hunter, Tarrington
Registration Number
AgencyTranscendence Counselling & Mediation
Innes, Janice
Registration Number3051
AgencyJanice Innes
Fields of Expertise

EMDR, Trauma

Jacob, Louise
Registration Number765
AgencyTaouise Inc.
Fields of Expertise

Life coaching to empower people to live fulfilled lives and follow their dreams

Nature therapies as a registered member of the Academy of Naturopaths and Naturotherapists of Canada

Dog therapy with seniors and children to help adjust to loss or overcome fears


Couple counselling and/or couple coaching

Reconciliation counselling for couples

Trauma interventions and debriefing for the workplace following a tragic event

Trauma counselling

James, Nicole
Registration Number4464
AgencyNicole James (RSW, ISTP)
Fields of Expertise

Offering both Registered Social Work talk therapy & Integrative Somatic Therapy Practice ™️ services to teens, adults, and seniors. 

Services offered both in New Brunswick (in person and virtual) and Ontario (virtual only). NIHB approved provider.

Johnson, Wendy
Registration Number2131
Membership StatusIndigenous Social Worker
AgencySunflower Counselling and Wellness
Telephone1 (506) 307-5925
Fields of Expertise

Supports diversity, intercultural and race-related stress, anxiety, depression and intergenerational trauma to members of the BIPOC community (Black, Indigenous, Persons of Color).



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