Eriksen-Parker, Lone
Registration Number
AgencyLone Eriksen-Parker
Flewwelling, Christine
Registration Number272
AgencyThompson Flewwelling Counselling Services
RegionSt. Stephen
Fields of Expertise

We provide general counselling services to individuals, couples and families.  Specific to couple’s work, our preferred practice is to initially have one-on-one sessions with each partner (female counsellor with female client; male counsellor with male client), then provide co-counselling services to the couple.

Frenette, Robert
Registration Number2678
AgencyRobert Frenette MSW RSW Private Practice
Telephone(506) 251-0641
Fields of Expertise

Services offered to adolescents, and adults in English. 

Individual Marriage, Family, and Couples Counselling; Trauma and Narrative Therapy; Addictions Recovery; and First Nations Healing.  

I'm a Blue Cross Provider and am Listed Under Veteran's Affairs. 

Frigault, Jacques A.
Registration Number190
AgencyL’Oasis de la Paix
Fields of Expertise
  • Psychothérapie
  • Naturothérapie
  • Travail social
  • Individus, couples, groupes, famille, médiation, interventions de crise
Gagnon, Nadia
Registration Number2433
AgencyGagnon counseling et services psychosociaux
Gatien, Laura
Registration Number2979
AgencyLaura Gatien Counselling Services
RegionSaint John
Fields of Expertise

Counselling for individuals and families Anxiety/depression Domestic violence Alcohol Addiction Grief Chronic illness Stress Management Self Esteem

Gibson, Brenda
Registration Number1827
AgencyBrenda Gibson Counselling Services
Fields of Expertise
  • Working with both individual adults and couples
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • Cognitive Processing Therapy:  Veteran/Military Version
  • Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction
  • Solution Focused Therapy
  • Narrative Therapy
Gignac, Brigitte
Registration Number2296
AgencyService de Consultations AlmaVia
Fields of Expertise
  • Trauma informed therapy
  • Couple therapy
  • Interest based mediation
  • Family consultation
  • Victims of violence
  • General wellbeing
  • Grief
  • Crisis intervention
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Addictions
  • Visualization and guided imagery
  • Energy Healing
  • Mental Health

EMDR Clinician 

Gillcrist, Kimberly
Registration Number2525
AgencyFamily Plus Life Solutions
RegionSaint John
Fields of Expertise
  • Specialize in working with addiction, mental health, stress, relationships, domestic violence and sexual assault
  • I will see clients 16+ and offer individual counselling as well as for couples and families as needed
Godbout, Nicole
Registration Number552
AgencyNicole Godbout Counselling Services Inc.
Fields of Expertise
  • Family counselling for couples and individuals
  • Counselling for teenagers
  • Covered by most EAP/PAE programs
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