New Brunswick COVID-19 Outbreak Information

If you're currently seeking help or information on the current COVID-19 outbreak in New Brunswick and Canada, please visit the Government of New Brunswick's coronavirus information page or the Government of Canada's webpage on the outbreak. You can also click here for contact information of organizations in New Brunswick.

What Social Workers Do

NBASW members work in government agencies, First Nation communities, academic institutions, non-profit organizations and in private and for-profit practices. Social workers are committed to seeing the values of acceptance, self-determination and respect for individuality flourish in society. Social workers are dedicated to the welfare and wellness of individuals and the achievement of social justice for all. Social workers believe in the obligation of all people, individually and collectively, to contribute to the provision of resources, services and opportunities for the overall benefit of humanity.

To that end, social workers practise in a variety of fields for individuals with a wide variety of needs.

Some examples of these fields include:

If you're seeking assistance, social workers are there to help. Please note that there are many other organizations in communities across New Brunswick that support people through the various challenges they may be experiencing. This is in no way a complete list, but provides a starting point for where you may begin to find and access services.

In addition to the above service options, the NBASW has a Private Practice Directory, through which members of the public can find social workers who work in private practice settings across the province. This means they may offer a variety of services to clients, including individual or group counselling, crisis intervention, grief counselling, and much more. These services may also be covered by your health insurance or work EAP program. Click the button below to access our directory.

Private Practice Directory