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Thu, Oct. 24, 2019 All Day

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Seminar in Fredericton
Octobre 24th (in English) and October 25th (in French)


 A strategic tool in short-term therapy

Trainer: Stéphane Migneault, psychologist


Many mental health professionals are called upon to intervene using short-term therapy, due to either a limit to the number of sessions permitted or the limited financial resources of clients. These specialists try, as best they can within the allotted time, to perform “miracles,” an outcome which is not always possible. It can therefore be useful to master techniques of short-term therapy, not only for the benefit of clients but also to expand one’s toolbox of techniques as an effective therapist.

This training session allows psychosocial professionals to discover, experiment with, and master a technique to help clients quickly manage “negative” emotions associated with current or future situations:


  • pre-examination stress;
  • fear of public speaking;
  • stress associated with an upcoming medical operation or treatment;
  • worries related to pregnancy, childbirth, or parenthood;
  • worries about a loved one in a difficult situation;
  • guilty related to a sick leave;
  • stress in the event of a return to work;
  • insecurity related to job loss, etc.


Surprisingly, one session is often enough for clients to be able to manage the emotions associated with a particular stressful situation. The technique used also promotes the discovery of appropriate solutions and the adoption of rational thoughts about the issue that needs to be addressed.


This technique, EMT (eye movement technique), developed by the American psychologist Fred Friedberg, PhD, involves the execution of bilateral stimuli similar to that used in eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR), but in EMT the emphasis is on extended bilateral tapping. Note: EMT was not designed for the treatment of post-traumatic stress.

Registration (training in English): https://emt-fredericton-en.eventbrite.ca

Registration (training in French):https://emt-fredericton-fr2019.eventbrite.ca

Duration of the training: 7.5 hours

Clinical example: Martine is afraid to die during surgery

A few years ago, one of my clients, Martine, told me that she needed to have a gall-bladder stone removed. She confessed the following: “I know it’s irrational, but I’m afraid to die on the operating table.” I suggested the EMT technique as a method of intervention. Despite the avant-gardist nature of this technique, the client was willing to try it.

I therefore began the EMT session. During the sitting, Martine’s stress level dropped progressively from 10 to 8/10, and from 8 to 6/10, and finally from 6 to 1/10. Furthermore, she indicated that rational and optimistic thoughts came to mind: “I feel that I will not die on the operating table”, “I am not the first person to be operated for a gall-bladder stone… It’s just a stone, it is no big deal…”, “I will be well surrounded by a medical team”. Not once had I suggested any of these thoughts. Overall, thirty minutes were necessary to complete this EMT session.

A few days following the surgery, I made a follow up call. Martine mentioned that she was not worried about the surgery after our appointment. She added: “I felt stressed just a few minutes before going on the operating table, but not to the point of panicking.” I was delighted with the effectiveness of EMT.

Feedback from participants

“I rarely give a 5/5 (for a training course). Thank you! So relevant.” – Manon Porell, psychologist (NB)

“EMT is a complement to EMDR. A big plus for any therapist.” - Gisèle Meunier, psychologist and EMDR practitioner (NB)

“I use EMT with children, teenagers and adults. I'm still amazed by the results that can be achieved with EMT.” - Louis Guénard, social worker and psychotherapist (QC)

“I am impressed by how quickly results are achieved. It’s an easy-to-use tool that allows the client to feel considerably better.” - Rachel Couture, sex therapist and psychotherapist (NB), part-time teacher at the University of Moncton, Edmundston campus

“Thank you for sharing a ‘simple, economical, and reliable’ approach that works!” - Dr. Pascale Lahaie, physician (QC)

Info & Registration (training in English): https://emt-fredericton-en.eventbrite.ca

Info & Registration (training in French):https://emt-fredericton-fr2019.eventbrite.ca