Coy, Vicki
Registration Number2016
AgencyNorthside Counselling Services
Fields of Expertise

Stress, anger, parenting, couples’ counselling, family violence, grief, adolescent issues, military lifestyle issues, anxiety, and self-esteem.

Daigle, Jessica
Registration Number2164
AgencyDaigle Counseling Services
Daigle, Tammy
Registration Number1970
AgencyCentre de thérapie INFACO Therapy Centre
Fields of Expertise

Individual counselling with adults: anxiety, depression, ADHD, addiction, mental health, trauma, work stress, financial problems.

Individual counselling with children-teenagers: anxiety, depression, learning difficulties, ADHD, self-esteem/self-confidence, body-image, self-harm, relationship issues, social interactions.

Family therapy: parenting, relationships, separation.

Couple counselling.

Delong, Brad
Registration Number1857
AgencyFamily Matters Counselling Service
WebsiteFamily Matters
Fields of Expertise

Work with children and teens 8-19.  Anger management, social skills training, anxiety, stress management, OCD, ODD.  Work effectively with Aspergers youth and families.  ADHD, ADD, PARENT education.  Family therapyPY.

Individual counselling including grief counselling.

Marriage counselling, conflict resolution, substance abuse.  Work with victims of sexual assault and male adolescent sexual perpetrators.


Evening and weekend appointments available.

Delong, Robyn
Registration Number2143
AgencyFamily Matters Counselling
Fields of Expertise

Over 10 years of counselling experience working with families, adults and teens.  Specialties include family therapy and parenting, working with adolescents and adults around issues related to abuse in intimate relationships, building healthy relationships, self-esteem, anxiety and depression, grief, loss and rebuilding after a traumatic life event.  Couples counselling focused on rebuilding relationships, healthy communication and issues related to blended families.  Practices from a trauma-informed perspective.

den Otter, Jeffrey
Registration Number
AgencyJeffrey den Otter
Doiron, Elide
Registration Number263
AgencyCentre de bénévolat de la Péninsule acadienne
Fields of Expertise
  • Professional and clinical coaching (needs assessment, risk assessment, and treatment plans)
  • Program evaluation
  • Research support
  • Professional training (professional development and University education)
  • Integration of government services and professional engagement in institutional settings
Dorion, Édouard
Registration Number1476
AgencyÉdouard Dorion, M.S.S.
Fields of Expertise
  • Therapy for children, teenagers, and families
  • Marital counselling
  • Expertise in parenting assessment


Drayson, Andrew
Registration Number3210
AgencyDrayson Counselling Services
Fields of Expertise
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Addiction
  • Marital/Couples counselling
Drayson, Juanita
Registration Number3211
AgencyDrayson Counselling Services
Fields of Expertise
  • Work with clients who are harmfully involved with substances
  • Work with those suffering with anxiety and depression
  • Family and individual counselling
  • Grief, emotional, physical and sexual abuse
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