Which statement best represents your current status?

I am still a student of an accredited Canadian social work degree program. Apply to be a Student Member.

I am a new graduate of an accredited Canadian social work degree program and have completed my degree. Apply to be a Regular Member.

I have successfully completed the requirements of an accredited Canadian social work degree program, but am awaiting my diploma and I have received a job offer. Apply to be a Temporary Member.

I used to be a member in good standing, but it has been more than one year since my membership lapsed. Apply for Reinstatement.

I need to Update or Renew My Current Membership.

None of these situations apply to me. Please contact us to discuss your membership.

* The minimum educational requirement to register as a social worker in N.B. is a Bachelor of Social Work degree. For a list of accredited Canadian social work programs please click here

The membership dues for 2019-2020 are as follows:

Regular Member: $390
Retired / Non-employed (not working in any capacity): $115
Out of province (not residing or working in N.B.): $176
Student: $0
Temporary Member: Prorated